Ever Smiling Ms. Linda!!

Ms. Linda Lavon Patterson!


If you enter the Ag Economics Department at LSU after five in the evening, there is a high probability that you might meet this ever smiling New Orleans native.


By profession, she's the one who takes care of our building and by passion, she's a poet. She writes because it makes her happy. She says - ' Writing poetry relieves my stress, and I feel like an angel.'


She has a poem for every occasion. She has a poem for the newly-weds, for the new mother, and a poem for her colleague who is about to retire. She even has a poem for the student who is always running late for the class.


She writes about her conversations with God. She writes about her country and its people. She also writes about those mothers who recently lost their child.


Ms. Linda's dream is to publish her poems so that she can tell this world about her passion, about her love for poetry. She wants to let the world know about her hometown that she had to leave after Hurricane Katrina, about the beautiful city of Baton Rouge where she currently resides. She wants to talk about her childhood and also about the sad face she met in the corridor.


So here you go Ms. Linda, you are now on the Web. People from all over the world will now get to know a little bit about you, a little bit about your world. Keep following your passion, Ms. Linda. Keep creating the magic with words. We have a long way to go; we have a lot of stories to tell.


And you know what Ms. Linda...I am so very proud of you!

Nelson Dem...one random encounter!!

Nelson Dem, my yellow cab driver.


He came to the United States some 18 years back from Senegal and he is one die-hard Bollywood fan.


His favourite Bollywood movie is 'Sholay' and he is sad that Amitabh Bachchan is getting older. His favourite song is 'I am a disco dancer' and according to him, Mithun Da is one terrific dancer. He is a fan of Hema Malini and thinks she is still too beautiful.


He played one of his favourite songs from the playlist - "Goron ki na Kalon ki, duniya hain Dilwalo ki" (and he completely understands the meaning of this song!!)


And yes, he thinks 'Corruption' is India's biggest problem!



'March 30, 2016, Baton Rouge, USA'